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All men are forged from single mold.
But not all developers are equal.
Sort them not by medals, nor by rank.
The difference lies in their actions under pressure.

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Oscar Medina

Site Reliability Engineer


In your life you have to make choices, not all your decisions need to lead to success, this was my path to become a developer.

At my young age, I wasn’t a “good student”. I was lost, without a clear path for my career. I started studying professional training in electricity and industrial automatisms. After 4 years with a lot of difficulties I quit and started working at an important vehicle factory in my hometown.

I stayed there for 2 years but, when my contract finished, the company did not renew my contract. The situation was bad, I was even more lost than at the beginning. After long meditation and some sporadic jobs, I decided to make a reboot. I left my hometown and I went to Seville, where I studied what I wanted to from the beginning. I studied a professional training in Microinformatic systems and networking, which was my first complete success: I finished the course and I was awarded for personal and professional career.

I went back to my hometown and in a few weeks I found a job, it wasn't too much related to my recent acquired title, but was a good point to start. It was a position of fibre optics technician, working directly installing networks in customer houses or offices and resolving issues in previous clients.

After two years I decided to exploit my vocation by joining a coding Bootcamp. I went to Barcelona where I´m currently living, and I put all my effort during the coding Bootcamp to become a developer. When the Bootcamp ended and after some interviews, I found my first developer job, were I stablished the bases of all the knowledge of the Bootcamp.


Weekend, that part of the week where you can do anything you want, you can sleep 16 hours in a row, have a walk around your neighbourhood, or even go to the mall to do some shopping, but what about me? I do have lots of hobies. Now you can read some stories about them.

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I started playing videogames when I was young: My parents gave my brother and me a PS1 as birthday gift, and since then I play video games as my main hobby.

I currently play a lot of coop games, I’m not a competivive guy so I prefer games that require team play. I also love to get lost in an immersive story.

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When I was young I wasn’t a person that loved listening to music, I listened to some music of different genres, but it wasn’t until my 18 when I started listening a lot of music and discovered one of my biggest passions.

When I was 19 I bought a BC Rich Warlock guitar and started learning on my own to play guitar, not professionally, just like a hobby. I enjoy playing guitar, but to be honest, I’m not good.

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One thing I really loved when I was studying sysadmin was servers, and more specifically raspberry pi as server. I got one RPi 1b+ and I used it to configure my own server, with web server for static and dynamic websites for CMS like wordpress. But I also configured my own VPN for accessing my home network from school, radius server for individual wifi access for each person in the house.

Since then I love to find projects to do with my raspberrys, now that I have many of them.

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I know, it sounds a little bit like a topic, but I love coding.

I have some personal projects, but also I maintain some open source packages that I use on my daily work.

That moment when you have created something, people watch it and say, “Hey dude, it’s ****** cool.” is one of the most satisfactory feelings you can have.