I don’t believe that proficiency with an specific tech can be mesured, you can always learn new things or face new problems. So, here is the list of tech where I feel comfortable.

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I also use some other technologies to empower my development, such as bundelers like (Webpack), task runners like (Grunt and gulp), css pre-processors like (SCSS, postCSS), and others like (Babel, ESLint, cypress, etc)


Coding Bootcamp Skylab.


(SEPT 2017 - DEC 2017)

Full-stack Javascript Developer.

In this three month bootcamp I learned modern technologies for development and modern architecture.

I worked with Javascript and ES6 to build web applications, and I also learned ReactJS to build SPA.

For the server side, I learned NodeJS and ExpressJS,

for the database MongoDB and for the serverside rendering PUG.

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(FEB 2018 - AUG 2019)

React Front-end developer.

I started working maintaining and creating new features in an existing project, but over time I had the opportunity to create new projects from scratch without any dependency restriction. I also started the container version of all the frontend platforms and the CI/CI pipelines to enable automatic releases without a lot of manual bundle and server deployment.

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(OCT 2019 - PRESENT)

Full-stack and Dev-ops developer

I started working as the only front end developer in the project, I have the complete responsibility on it, but also worked on the back end. I’m also working on the systems part, creating container applications of both frontend and back end and also scripts to automate the tasks on the client’s systems with security and fail safe.